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Come Play capture the flag
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Capture the flag rules

Basic game:

Basic game:

Capture the Flag is a game of tag between two teams.
Teams are split into two and people must stay on their team for the duration of the game.
The field of play is spit into two sides. Each team is assigned a side to protect.
Teams can only tag the opposing team members if they are in the predestinated area that they control.
If tagged you must immediately go back to your area and walk over its border. After returning to your area you can attack again.
You physically cannot affect the play any longer after being tagged by blocking or holding people.
To win the game one team must capture the other’s flag and return it to their base.

Rules on hiding the flag:

The flag can only be hidden in the pre-designated base area. This base is a large area that is determined by bright colored flagging tape.
The flag must remain vertical at all times with the flag on the top. If the opposing team has the other team’s flag it does not have to remain vertical.
The flag must stay in it’s original position for the entire duration of the game and cannot be moved around. Only the opposing team can move it around if they capture it.
If the flag is captured but the person that has it is tagged then the flag must be placed upright where the person was tagged and cannot be moved from it’s new position.

Only six guards at a time can be within approximately 30 yards from the flag. No one can be closer than 30 yards to their flag unless they are caring it. If a member the opposing team was to get through the 30-yard defensive radius then that person cannot be tagged until they touch the flag. This prevents people from camping at the flag and making it impossible to touch the flag.

Teams get 10 minutes in the beginning of the game to hide their flag.
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